International Students


Proceed with this reading only if you have a bachelor awarded by a non-italian institution:

Start by collecting the following documentation:


  1. Copy of your ID (preferably passport) (front and back; pdf format)

  2. Copy of your transcript in english, listing all the passed exams with the relevant credits or ECTS, scientific area or SSD code and learning activity typology (pdf format). More about this requirement in the “Curricular Requirements section”

  3. Copy of your bachelor (even provisional, if you do not have it, we can accept a certificate stating when you are going to finish your bachelor; pdf format). More about this requirement in the “Bachelor Degree in Engineering section” and in “Strong Academic Background”

  4. Excel file, completed with your grades/credits for each subject you have taken and passed during your bachelor, download here the excel file and complete it

  5. English certification: only if your bachelor was not taught in english (pdf format); we need a B2 certification. More about this requirement in the “English Knowledge section”.

Remember to copy your personal information from your passport (or official identity card for EU students) because that is the main document the UNIPV will ask you to have later on.

Warning РNon-eu students only: we can accept a maximum of 60 non-eu students for a.y. 2021/2022. Instructions on how to eventually accept our offer and enroll will be sent in due time to all admitted candidates. 


In order to pay the application fee and send us your complete documentation you have to register to the application portal:

  • register to the application portal website (
  • upload the documentation you have collected and complete the tasks that are in your check list
  • pay the application fee as per instructions send once you have selected the study course you wish to apply to (please note that an application fee is due for each course you apply to)
  • do not forget to submit!

Please note that we only accept students for the whole academic year (September).