The school of Engineering offers five International Master of Science programs entirely taught in English. All the programs include extended laboratory activities, seminars and tutorials taught by industry leaders and visiting professors from all over the world.

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University of Pavia

The University of Pavia is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Today Pavia is a Research University, offering a wide variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching organized in 18 Departments and has study programs at all levels: Bachelor’s degrees, single-cycle Masters degrees, research degrees, specialty schools and level I and II Masters degrees.

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Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering, part of the University of Pavia, is relatively young (it was re-founded in 1967) but, thanks to a development policy quality oriented, it is today ranked among the best Italian Engineering schools.

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Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering

The Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering was founded in 2012 when it was decided to melt together the departments of Electric, Electronic, Computer and Systems Engineering. The research and teaching activities of these departments Engineering started in the 80s and it has never stopped growing ever since.

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EDiSU: the right to study

EDiSU is in charge of managing and running the twelve student colleges and residences, as well as the four refectories destined to students and university attendants. EDiSU is also in charge of all the activities and services for the so called “Right of Study”, which are aimed to give the necessary support to those students who are, following the sentence of the law, “capable and deserving, although under-resourced”.

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